Looking for wedding dance lessons or choreography in North Florida or South Georgia? Check out our studio in Tallahassee.

Whether your goal is simply to look natural and confident on the dance floor, or to wow your guests with a truly memorable first dance, we’ve got you covered. Our exclusive wedding dance lessons are designed to teach couples to dance together with ease and comfort regardless of experience level.

Tips for planning your first dance:

  1. Plan ahead – Give yourself time to get comfortable on the dance floor by scheduling your lessons 3-6 months prior to your wedding date. We strongly encourage at least 4 lessons prior to your wedding to ensure confidence when your take the floor.
  2. Choose the music - Will you have a live band or a DJ at your reception? Not sure of the song for you? We can help you select a memorable wedding song that will be just perfect for your day.
  3. Select the dance style – Classic waltz? Smooth foxtrot? Fun swing? Sultry tango? From the very simple, basic dance to a full blown choreographed performance, we’ll help you select which style is right for you.
  4. Find the right shoes - Choosing suitable shoes for dancing is important for dance technique, support, and comfort. We will be happy to evaluate and make suggestions on shoes to make you look, and move, your very best!

Other Wedding Dance Services:

Group Dance Choreography and Instruction - Want to make a fun and memorable experience for your wedding guests? Consider having your wedding party perform a fun choreographed routine. It’s a fantastic way to liven up any reception!

Family Lessons – Want to prep for more than just your first dance together? Planning to dance the traditional father/daughter, mother/son dances or any other combination? Bring your family in for group lessons and get ready for those special family dances.

Custom Music Editing – So you’ve chosen the perfect song… and it runs almost 6 minutes long! Or perhaps you’d like to do a fun mashup for the bridal party. We can edit your music so that it’s perfect for your reception.


Private lesson (2 people): $50/hour

Private group lesson (up to 6 people): $75/hour

Classic wedding package (4 private lessons) $175

Deluxe wedding package (6 private lessons + 1 group lesson + music editing) $350

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Ready to schedule your first lesson?

Click here to select your time slot and book your first lesson. Come dressed in clothing that you can move comfortably in and bring the shoes that you'll be wearing at the ceremony. See you on the dance floor!

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